Friday, October 13, 2006

We am a japaneese. This blog is about me. Do not mistake me for a chinese, course I hate them. I is 25 years 0ld, waits an 190,5 kilo. and am 1.49 diameter tall. I like all music kinds except for rock metal and classical I hate that. I like to dance also. that is very Hakamichikoku that means fun in japanese. I are to short go to discotque so i dance in home with my iPod. I like. fuginichi. I like Apple a much. I have a mac. I am slow reader. Mac is slow writer. We perfect match.
I like very much also blogs and sushi. and chinese people. they is cute. I am happy for this blogg hope you leave comment. Hokidih Dontihk Menkolih (