Friday, March 09, 2007

helllo avery1 in theee woorld  --me mekolin bak in den seeet!

Dis Sakana means cool in japne

I got a massege from god to yesterday.

God tell me this in e mail very goood systems - gmail - gud mush. myne ist pleese sent me me someone.

everyway, god said me dis:

I laik aple alot and you can on this wepsite got an ipod four free no cost if you live in states of us a .i satly dont so kant but mayb u cn.

houpe four yuuu!


Hello their world me hokidih living on cutting edge of chaos very fun. me now fart a way strange warzone very gud cuute call britain the great, sweeet plase.
Me kept prizon of war by man in brown yelling much. him boring. me think go home one days off soon. me bout to have ticket two home called japan thas very sakana meens cooool! me writ ing this from computer verry olld me like no. me
goyng hom.

Saturday, February 10, 2007

Hai i am friend of mekolin writng insted of mekolin. mekolin is teling me wat to writ by his mobile phone from the plane. he is gong home. he got tired of rusia.
Says hes gona have 10 ton of caviar hom to give for birthday. that is al peopl.

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Me Hokidih busy be much kachuka. Hole forget to fortell that I made space recently and has be soo busy that me forgotten to fortell you. Me enter and there me enter something about iself and then you can see very good on i like. spaacy.

Me now in russia nice place but crazy people. me just buy big can caviar by man talking much secretely. people hear are crazy, it were much cheap costed not so many coins. me would think it costing many.
Me having fun in russia
hav a day gud
Hokidih Dontihk Mekolin
Is now in afghanistan cute land cute people taliban very nice. Me like very. Mikachu. Many tourist all with gun but nice. Land very quiet very peace full human here friendish. Hokidih happpy much know.

Sunday, January 07, 2007

Hi mekolin writing again. my cruse is still goin well. now im in the cold place caled
grenland. it cold so is here. but the people make me feel home. they look like me. cute. butt they tlk so strangee. gonna write again soon. ciaoooo.

Thursday, November 30, 2006

Hai all human out their. Me Mekolin are writting asgain. I still on cruise it is fun very. Now are in arabian. Is cute. Much muslimity in people. They have thing call mecca mekolin in mecca very hakimiku. I like. Is cute. All human talk about an man allah-san famous man here very. They like. Have no met he yet. May be soon know not. Mekolin happy good time much. Are nice. Me writ short time soon. Michikaku!.

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Dontikh here. Me is happy. Me won a world cruise of china. My parents so proud.
China so full of the greatest minds of europe. I like europe. Europe is funny little country. Europe is in the area of the middle south.

Friday, October 13, 2006

We am a japaneese. This blog is about me. Do not mistake me for a chinese, course I hate them. I is 25 years 0ld, waits an 190,5 kilo. and am 1.49 diameter tall. I like all music kinds except for rock metal and classical I hate that. I like to dance also. that is very Hakamichikoku that means fun in japanese. I are to short go to discotque so i dance in home with my iPod. I like. fuginichi. I like Apple a much. I have a mac. I am slow reader. Mac is slow writer. We perfect match.
I like very much also blogs and sushi. and chinese people. they is cute. I am happy for this blogg hope you leave comment. Hokidih Dontihk Menkolih (