Friday, March 09, 2007

helllo avery1 in theee woorld  --me mekolin bak in den seeet!

Dis Sakana means cool in japne

I got a massege from god to yesterday.

God tell me this in e mail very goood systems - gmail - gud mush. myne ist pleese sent me me someone.

everyway, god said me dis:

I laik aple alot and you can on this wepsite got an ipod four free no cost if you live in states of us a .i satly dont so kant but mayb u cn.

houpe four yuuu!


Hello their world me hokidih living on cutting edge of chaos very fun. me now fart a way strange warzone very gud cuute call britain the great, sweeet plase.
Me kept prizon of war by man in brown yelling much. him boring. me think go home one days off soon. me bout to have ticket two home called japan thas very sakana meens cooool! me writ ing this from computer verry olld me like no. me
goyng hom.

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